Thursday, April 12, 2012

I AM MARRIED!!! And I am in love...

Can you believe that I actually got married? Sometimes John and I just look at each other and wonder "What have we done??!!!" We both wanted an eternal companion, but neither of us was actually planning on getting married. But here we are... MARRIED!

The wedding was fun but way too big a day for 2 old people. We barely made it through the day and I think I have only been as tired as my wedding day one other time... and that was after doing "Back to Bethlehem" the first time. And so, you can imagine how much fun I was that night... (ahem). Anyway, my kids had (and have) a range of emotions and opinions as to this marriage. Each feels no reservation in voicing these feelings... at length or in snippets. And they are watching me closely... for signs of weakness, regret, rage, helplessness, resignation, depression...and I am happy to say that I have not failed them. They have seen it all!!!

Don't you just love my dress? It was strapless with the teeny tiniest jacket that covered nothing, so my sister fashioned and assembled a "t-shirt" of sorts that was the EXACT color and so I was modest. (Jo is a genius in the innovation dept.) My emotions concerning how I felt in "the dress" ranged from absolutely ridiculous to fabulous, but I never felt one and then the other... I felt both simultaneously. The surprising news is that when I bought the dress it was way too small (it zipped but it took both Angelee and Jo to do it) and I could only not breathe for about 30 seconds before they had to quickly unzip it and slap me on the back to make me start breathing again. BUT, when I went for the fitting a couple of months later, it fit. (I don't dare try it on now... :-D) And I wore red shoes... that was the best part!

April 22nd is the anniversary of what John laughingly calls "his date with Jo". As you probably know, Jo and Angelee went with me to meet him in San Francisco. I was not impressed... by the fanny pack, the baggy pants, his odor (old man smell)... plus he was a dork... a geek! So Jo talked to him while I looked anywhere else but at him. Plus, he kept staring at me. Even though he bought me a pair of earrings from a street vendor for $5, I knew this was not going anywhere and I just wanted it over. But lo and behold, Jo and Angelee actually LIKED him. Can you believe that those two girls (and I think you know what I am talking about... they hate everyone) thought he was nice. NICE??? I had no idea about that because I could not get past the fanny pack. (He still mourns the day that the fanny pack was banned. Don't bring it up...)
But I continued to email and the little voice in my head that would NOT go away kept saying... "You don't know him, you don't know him, you don't know him, you don't know him"...over and over again... and so I gave him another chance. On the bright side, he does clean up nicely, he is very teachable, was horrified when I told him his car stunk (in his defense, while he can taste, he cannot smell), did not fight me about the fanny pack (although he brings it up on a regular basis), showers daily, and is very diligent about doing laundry (whether it needs it or not!)

I knew we were going to get married long before he knew. There was no reason not to. He fit my list of "requirements of any husband of mine, now or in the future". (I NOW realize that my list should have included "clean car" and "good memory". LOL I think his best attribute is that he LOVES me. ME!! And I think that, in itself, is amazing. I know that I am not an easy person to live with. And I love to $hop and $pend money. And I don't cook regularly... only sometimes. And I am so busy with my job, my family, my calling, etc, etc, that there is not a lot of time left for him. I gave him a picture of me in a frame that says, "High maintenance, but oh so worth it". He believes that I am "so worth it". And that is a huge blessing!!!

We are celebrating that first date on April 21st... since the 22nd is a Sunday. We are going to recreate that date... we are going to do exactly what we did on that ill-fated date one year ago. Only this time, I am going to be present. And Jo and Angelee are not invited. (They want to go, by the way.) And I am going to look at him, as he stares at me. And he will definitely $pend more than $5 dollar$ on me!

"I am in love with the boy..."

Sunday, August 28, 2011


We have set the date for December 17 and if you are reading this you are invited. That means 3 less invitations... Angelee, of course, is doing the invitations so you can look forward to that work of art in the ensuing weeks. I have chosen a theme for the party (we are not referring to it as a is more of an open house) and we are leaning toward having it at my house. Why? Because I really want it at my house.

I have a dress. I wanted to wear a black dress, but I just can't picture me having my wedding picture in front of the temple in a black dress. So it is... oh you will just have to be surprised, because I certainly am. But it is tight... too tight. So its the "black pants" drama all over again. The reason that I even started this blasted diet was to get into the nicest black pants you have ever seen but I could not zip them up. By the cruise I was in them and they were actually comfortable. So I have a wedding dress to get into... Do you know that wedding dresses run small... oh yes they do! I learned that when we were buying for Angelee... and it still applies.

Well, here we are... the happy couple. We are here in Yosemite... three days before those poor unfortunate souls went over the Vernal Falls. There have been at least 16 deaths at the park this year alone. I had never been to Yosemite before and it is simply amazing! Man has done some pretty amazing things... but so has nature. Yosemite is a testimony to the power of water... frozen state such as glaciers or simply running in a stream for countless years.

Oh Angelee, please don't roll your eyes. I am simply an old and aged woman who has no idea how to turn this photo the right way. I have looked here and i think I missed the chance a while back. Oh well, we are at Point Montara Light House watching the ocean on a frosty July day. Oh yes, it is always frosty on the coast.
I think this is the day we fell in love.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Is she in love?

Who knows what love really is... does anyone really know? Well, I certainly do not, but none the less, I have met a very nice man and we are friends. How can someone who is 63 (yes, 63) years old have a boyfriend? But what else can you say... "Oh this is my significant other"... how stupid is that. "This is my guy". Stupid again. "This is my man..." yuk... So I guess he is my boyfriend. His name is John and he lives in Danville.

This picture is in San Francisco where we had our first date... just me, John, Jo and Angelee. Oh yes, we all went.
Jo, Darryl, John and I recently went camping to Lake Almanor. Fun was had by all. It was so quiet... with no children, grandchildren, grand dogs, friends of children, friends of grandchildren, etc. In fact, sometimes it was too quiet.

It was also my birthday. When we returned on Sunday everybody came to Oroville and surprised me with a b'b'que birthday party. It was so nice.
Here are the four of us. We went to Susanville and saw Green Lantern. I don't care what the reviews said, I liked it.
Guess what the largest State Park in Oregon is...? Can you guess? Ok... you are right... it is Silver Falls State Park. I have never seen xmas tree farms for as far as the eye can see. They went on and on and on... no wonder there are so many trees in the lots at xmas. I always felt bad because I thought the forests were being depleted, but not so... only the tree farms are being depleted... and that is ok by me!

So... Silver Falls State Park has 11 water falls. We walked down to the biggest one which is called South Falls. It was quite a walk for a 63 year old senior citizen... but she was a trouper. Too bad I was wearing salt water sandals... too bad I didn't have on walking shoes... too bad the battery on my camera was dead...
This is my friend Jan and I with the falls in the background. I go to her house in Oregon every year. She lives in Cocquille which is a hop, skip and a jump from Bandon and Coos Bay. We have a lot of fun on my Oregon run and I look forward to it every year. I am not much help as a house guest... I don't want to get in the way. :) Larry cooks and cleans and I finally realized, this year, that every time I go in the bathroom the toilet lid is down. I never noticed before.

Okay... back to the boyfriend thing. We met on LDS Planet... and conversed on line and then talked on the phone and then met in San Francisco. I didn't especially like him but Jo and Angelee did so I decided to not toss him out immediately but try to get to know him. We met next at a Singles Conference, which happened to be the same day that we made 3000 egg rolls for the Hmong Branch. I invited him to Oroville that night and went to the special conference the next day... the one with D. Todd Christofferson. Don't worry people, he stayed at Susan's. I still didn't really like him that much (he seemed kind of nerdy... but I don't exactly have the best track record when it comes to picking men, so I told H.F. that he could choose the next one. So with that in mind, I didn't dare toss him out if this was really his choice. And the little voice kept saying, "You don't know him, you don't know him, you don't know him...". OKAY, I shouted back!!!!!!!!! I will get to know him.)

We started talking on the phone every night... and haven't stopped. We text all day. He is very smitten with me... can you believe such a thing? And I really like him. It is true... I really didn't know him. Susan pointed out that he is the exact opposite of Angelo, in every way... (except that they are both only children and they both like to eat). He has only been a member of the church for a couple of years and his new calling is that of sac. meeting chorister. He has no idea how to lead music and does not know the church hymns that well... should be interesting.

As for his job? I am embarrassed to say that I have no idea what he does. Okay... he is a technical writer... but what the heck is that? He took me to his place of employment and introduced me around, but I still don't know what the heck it is all about. I saw his office and it is nice and neat. That's all I can say about that...

And his family? Oh yes, I have met them all... and her name is Sarah. I have not met his son who is back east. And he has met Jo, Angelee, Nick, Darryl, Sam, Booker, Joshua, Charlee, and he will soon be meeting Ben, Cyndi, Kate, Mike, Shannon, Chris and Stevie... not to mention Buddy and Ellie. We are just a little over whelming... I am not referring to sheer numbers... he thinks our family is like a sit-com...

Anyway... that should answer most of your questions. He is gentle, kind, smart and devoted to God... and to me. How lucky am I?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

We'll be back before we know it...

It's true... we're back...

But as soon as I got back I had to get to school to get the next week ready AND GET READY TO GO TO LA ON WEDNESDAY. Oh my gosh... I have been in 5 airports in the last two weeks. And I am now one of those people who say... "...OMG... have you been in the airport in Puerto Rico? It is sooooooo busy... It is nothing like San Francisco"... anyway, for real, have you been to the Long Beach airport? It is sooooooo Chico.... (I have become one of those people after all.)

Anyway... for the record
I did not need a little blanket for the airport
Bronze sandals do go with everything
"Smart casual" means don't go looking like you do in Oroville
A hat was appreciated on the trip
A change of clothes (ship clothes) was good to have in the carry-on
I needed a purse... I needed to have close access to my passport, sea-pass card, money, camera and so I had to improvise quickly
You do need a buddy on the trip, whether husband or "other"
You need to have respect for the caribbean sun... you WILL tan wearing sunscreen... you will fry without it.
Snorkeling is so much fun
Salt water tastes yukky and swallowing big mouthfuls is even yukkier.
One MUST put the snorkel thing in your mouth before trying to breathe under water. (I repeat... salt water tastes yukky)
Dinner takes 2 hours... but well worth the wait
A buffet is a buffet
There is a big gap between the "haves" and "have nots". By the way, we are the "haves", even on the ship
We all know about the "large and spacious building" referred to in the BoM. I was uncomfortable being on the "large and spacious" ship that looked down on the poverty of the islands. I was careful not to laugh and point.
I do not like money belts... but I do like money.
Everyone wore a swim suit and everyone looked great in them... pretty much... all that talk about "just wearing shorts and a shirt" was nonsense. (We all wanted a tan)
Helmets protect heads... as it turns out. I am glad they didn't give me a choice about that.
God loves his people no matter where they live.
Doing your hair everyday sucks
A lot can be squeezed into one day.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Well, tomorrow is the day! And I about froze today... by the time I left my classroom this evening it was a frigid 64 degrees... in the classroom! I can hardly wait to warm up. But there in lies the problem... getting on the plane in cold weather and getting off in hot weather. So what to wear ??? so that one does not freeze to death on one coast or end up sweating bullets on the other. Well, I have decided to freeze on this side.

I have listened and tried to learn from everyone. For instance...
from Susan I learned to take a hat and bring a little neck pillow and socks on the plane
from Natalie (Jo's friend) I learned to take a little quilt
from Dee I learned to have 'rock star' toes and get a pre-tanned
from Laura I learned to take little money... not big bills and to wear skirts
while Pat Bisson wears the neck thing, Judy Rotar advised a money belt and escargo
and simply 'everyone' snorkels' and so me too!
Dee wears sundresses so I now have a sundress
Becky wears shirts and shorts over her swim suit so I too have shorts and a shirt
And when I saw Walt at the meeting in his Hawaiian shirt, I knew I needed tropical clothing
Susan went on pre-cruise diet and so that meant I had too as well.
Laura said to take a change of clothes and a swimsuit in my carry-on and so I am
I am trying to follow all instructions

I have never worked so hard for 7 days of "fun". It had better be worth what I have gone through...

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Well, 5 days to go... I will be back before I know it.

Its taken a lot of "think time" to figure out what to take. I never thought I would spend so much time thinking about clothing. I have not bought much... no clothing, except for the sundress that Jo made for me. And it is sooooo cute.

I have taken advice from many people. As a result I am now tanning (with very minimal results), am the proud owner of snorkel gear, have my cash in small bills, have my swimsuit and a change of clothing in my carry-on, have a little pillow for the long night on the plane, etc. I feel pretty much ready... and so now I have to get my classroom ready for my departure. My report cards are almost done and I am dutifully working to eliminate the many items on my lengthy list. I don't think most people have to work as hard as me just to be gone for 7 days. Poor me... cursed cruise!

Anyone interested in the much discussed black pants? Well, they button but they are still snug. But I am wearing them...

Sam told me that i have become a true "Orovillan" because of my tooth dilemma (or should I say lack of teeth). But oh the miracle of living in this day and age and having Keith for a dentist. Miracles still happen... my oh so beautiful smile is evidence of that. I am lucky and need to suck up my aversion and fear of the dentist office and face it like a big girl (yes, I know, but I am trying to be a smaller version of a "big girl".)

Anyway,,, my next post will be the annoying pictures of someone who has just returned from vacation in the caribbean.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Big Ed

And so... Big Ed has flirted with me again... a flirt "kiss". Oh boy... and so since he cannot take a hint, perhaps I should get the message with Roseville man, and perhaps I too cannot take a hint. Sigh......... but I do not have a mustache from one ear to the other. Plus, he has SOME high school and he "sometimes attends church". Heavenly Father must have a really good plan for me... because this certainly is not working well....

In case you were wondering about the progress with the aforementioned black pants... they will now button and I COULD wear them, but they are far from comfortable. Thank goodness I still have 18 days. I just need a little less tummy... the legs are fine.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

FRUSTRATION, continued...

Well, there is this nice looking man in Roseville. He is like the closest to my area and so I am thinking... here is at least one possibility... not anything real... but a tiny little possibility. And so, with my common sense put aside, I actually messaged him. I could tell that he looked at my profile that same day... so i am assuming he looked at my profile after my message... but did he message back? Ah.... no. And so I thought I would try one more time and so I told him about our b'day lunch at BJ's in Roseville... blah, blah, blah. And so we will see, since I feel as if i am throwing myself at him... And so if I receive nothing again I am going to send him a "smart-ass" goodbye message. Maybe I will rethink this...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

the Cruise

Have I mentioned that I am going on a cruise... with 44 of my closest friends. We are having a little pre cruise meeting tomorrow night to discuss clothing and stuff. This is my first cruise... all the others are seasoned in the cruising world. I just hope the airplane doesn't crash.

Anyway... here's the deal. I know basically what I have to take but I really don't want to be one of those who take too much... what does it really matter. Well, apparently it does matter at dinner time. Two nights are dressy or more and the rest are dressy-casual. I have no idea what that even means. So... I have these nice black slacks that I have had for several years... and they are sooooo nice. They are lined and have a little ribbon stitched on the waistband. And so I want to wear them. But do you think they fit me? Wellllllll, I think you know the answer. And so... that sort of made me think that maybe they could fit, IF I COULD GET ON A PLAN (I am not using the "d" word anymore). And so I am professing in black and white that I AM wearing those pants one of those nights.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


If you are looking for frustration, disappointment and a walk down "going nowhere street", just sign up for LDS Planet. Oh, by the way, you probably shouldn't do this unless you are NOT married. For those of you who are wondering how my new "walk on the online wild side" is going, please don't ask. The one word answer is FRUSTRATING. You may say to me, then why are you doing this???? One must remember, "If you continue to do what you are doing, you will continue to get what you get..."

So... there you are... I am at least trying.

Back to the subject... I have had at least 44 flirts, a few messages and I have been listed as a "favorite" to an 80 year old man. So you may think this is progress. Not so. I cannot tell one from another... i get them all mixed up. What am i supposed to do? Keep notes? So, someone sends me a flirt. I think, who is that? So I look at his profile. I read. But he knows when I have looked at his profile and so he thinks i am looking at him. I send him a message... I have decided flirts are a waste of time", just a little harmless hi... hows the weather sort of mindless, meaningless message just to get things started. He doesn't respond but I get another flirt from him. What's going on. Get with the program. And then i check my inbox again and I have more flirts and i think who is BigED... (yes... big ED... ????????) and I look him up and he's the one with the mustache that goes from ear to ear... I kid you not. But now he sees me looking at him again. AGGGGGGGGGGGGG! So he flirts back and all I did was look at his profile because i am too stupid to remember that Big Ed has an emormous mustache (and probably ego to match). Its a good thing i have jo to help me with this project. I probably need site managers... like Susan, for instance. She makes the replies on Mon, Laura on Tues, Angelee on Wed... Jo can be the "site manager" and just call me with an likely candidates. I will be accepting applications... please apply on line....

Friday, January 14, 2011

If you continue to do what you are doing...

Weldon told us teachers years ago that if you continue to do what you are doing you will continue to get what you get. Good advice... I think about it often. It was intended to motivate us to change things up so we would do a better job at teaching, but it had the opposite effect with me. It made me realize that in order to continue to get the good results I was getting, I would need to continue what I was doing. And I try everyday to continue to do a good job.

BUT, and it is a big but, there are other areas in my life that perhaps I need to change it up a bit. For example, perhaps it is time to re-enter the HORRIBLE DATING ARENA VIA THE INTERNET. Yes, I played that stupid game in my pre-Seminary life but found out you cannot do anything but work, study and sleep if you are a Seminary teacher. But now I have entered my post Seminary years and think that perhaps it is time again. And what has caused this renewed interest in something I truly detest. Well, it is embarrassing to admit. I could erase this and not devulge this shallow part of me. In fact, I should not even admit to such a flimsy reason for spending a whole $18.90 for a month of horror. But here goes... Holly Torricelli's sister met a man on line and is now engaged. Can you believe that I am being swayed by such a thing. For one thing... I love being single. I love sleeping alone. I love not cooking. I love doing only my laundry every other week or so. I love watching my own TV shows. I love stinking up the bathroom and not worrying about it. I love spending my money on me. I love going where I want to go. I love visiting my family when ever I want to. I love only having to worry about my own health. Yes... I am a happy camper. And so here I go again on a perilous journey... a journey to look for someone to mess up my perfect life.

And for those of you who are wondering how this journey is going... yes I have had some people send me some "stupid flirts" but I have not returned any. I know, I know...

Friday, July 23, 2010


Angelee and the kids came to Oroville the other day and Josh mentioned "tea party". So like any good "bah-ree" would do, I cleared off a little table, got out cups, plates, a big cup as a pitcher and had a real, live, ghetto, Oroville style tea party. Since then, however, I am now prepared. I have a real teapot, appropriate cups and plates, a new table and chairs and NOW I AM READY.

"Oroville" tea party...

Its a good thing they had no idea what a real tea party is like. Nae had a cookie in each hand... she saw they were going fast and she is no fool. She ended up ABSOLUTELY SOAKING WET. Oh if you could have seen Angelee's face. She had no clothes to change into so all we could find were some jammies of Josh's. She loved them. And then Josh (who would stay in jammies all day long if he was allowed) wanted to change into jammies. The jams we found for him were about size 2T so they were like a second skin and barely below his knees. They were in second heaven, but those of you who know Angelee, should have seen her face. She was agast... I wish I had a picture of that scene...


Kate, Cyndi and Ben are doing well in Lake Tahoe. I spent a few days with them as the dutiful grandma on summer vacation. It is hard to visit during the year because of their snow and my blasted schedule. I am a California driver. If you don't believe me, just ask Susan.

Kate and Ben at Tahoe Childrens Foundation. Guess who's the only child without a cute little lunch box for snack. Guess who takes their snack in a brown paper sack with her name on it. Guess who makes the snack...

Circle time. Guess who knows all the words (and it isn't Kate)

Isn't she beautiful?

Kate is a happy little girl who is adored by her parents.


I have returned from my annual trip to Oregon. Every year I travel to Coquille, OR where my friends Jan and Larry Payne have retired to. They are very close to Coos Bay and Bandon (by the sea). ha ha Anyway, we always have a day trip that some times lasts two days but this year we visited the smallest harbor on the biggest ocean... Depoe Bay. (Did I spell that right?) Anyway, we went whale watching out on the Pacific Ocean. And we saw a gray whale just swimming around. We had fun. And it wasn't windy or cold.

Me on an Oregon beach.

Jan and Larry on the boat

Depoe Bay Harbor

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Seminary... done!

I have taught Seminary for 4 years and I am retiring this year. Everyone is wondering if I am going to miss it. The answer is NO! All four years have been difficult because my day job is hard and adding a morning job makes it harder. I don't think anyone who has not taught Seminary understands that the hour in the morning is the fun part... that the other 23 hours are the torture. Anyway... it is like grandchildren. Glad that Seminary was in my life... but glad that it is gone.

Here is Cindy... the drama queen.

and here we all are...doesn't katie look good?

73 days of bliss...

Yes, it summer vacation. And in case you are wondering how I know it is a 73 day vacation, it is because one of my first graders wanted to know how many days we had off. In fact she kept asking until we stopped, found a calendar and counted them. And 73 it was. But now... oh no, it is now only 68 days. I definately need a vacation...and to stop counting the days.


I have always had such chagrin over my children's multiple birthday parties when, in fact, there is only ONE real birth day. I admit it is my fault, of course. I always say "We don't let the day go by"... in case we ended up having the party on the weekend because of family work schedules. And it began with maybe going to Taco Bell on the actual day and having the big party on the weekend. It has evolved into going out to dinner twice in the week with everyone going. We used to have the real party at one of our houses with home cooked meal. But not any more. No one wants to cook the meal, much less eat it. We ALL seem to want to go out.

And now, much to my embarrassment, I have done nothing but celebrate my birthday this entire week. We are going camping on Thursday, which is my actual birthday. And so Sam and Angelee took me out to lunch yesterday, today I am going to dinner and a movie with Laura, Chris and Susan. And who knows what tomorrow, the real birthday, will bring. Chris managed to buy my lunch, not to mention the huge pot and azalea for my front corner on Monday. I seem to be having a birthday, this year, that keeps going on and on and on... I am happy that so many people seem to love me. I will be glad when all this "celebrating" is over. But I am glad that we have "occasion" to celebrate... in other words, I am still here to celebrate.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Here I am at the end of Spring Break... Easter vacation. How can 10 days go so fast is what I want to know. But I have accomplished everything on my list EXCEPT I never made it to Lake Tahoe but I am going as soon as this weather clears up. I feel bad that I am not a braver driver but I am California Valley driver... not a winter mountain driver. And so... is everyone so surprised at the weather. I thought that we were into spring... but remember, the groundhog did see his shadow...

We had a very nice Easter dinner today. Everyone who could come, came. The food turned out good... SURPRISE! It was nice to have a house full of family and friends.

Hey... another earthquake. You all know what this means... and it is getting closer to home... 9000 tweets a minute.

FYI...47 days of school (and Seminary) left, but who is counting?

Sunday, February 28, 2010


I was invited to a "ladies lunch" which turned out to be a 70th birthday party for a lady who worked in my classroom last year as a volunteer. I met her through Laura and since she was also invited we went together. We both had a very good time. The lunch was catered by "Lots--java and so the food was excellent. Wine was offered to Laura and she declined (probably because I was there). They told her it would be okay for her to have wine "since no men were there". Laura still declined the gracious, thoughtful offer.

This is my new friend but I don't remember her name. The music was provided by a "live" (barely) band called "Just Us".

Laura and I took flowers and of course they were lovely. This is Fran... the birthday girl. She is really a lot of fun... the rest of the attendees were not as lively as Fran. Maybe they got a late start on the wine.

Anyway... Laura and I are available to attend any birthday lunch (catered) if needed. Just call us and we will check our schedules.

Angelee.. I blame you for this stupid blog. Why are the pictures like this?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sick Day

I am home sick today. My head is pounding and I am so tired. Thanks to Angelee who is taking her life in her hands by subbing my first graders. Most people think... "oh, first grade, how fun!" But those people have not taken THEIR life in THEIR hands by visiting room 1 at Bird Street School. But those people are mostly correct. Generally speaking, first grade is very fun... but sometimes the sun and the planets line up to create a most unnatural force in the atmosphere that causes some phenonomens here on earth and my class is one of them. I have several groups... the Baby Boys, the Bossy Girls, the Yakkity Yakkers, the Blessed Ones and the Psychos. I spend my days trying to motivate these various groups to bring their behaviors closer to what is expected in public education these days. With 25 children in the classroom the various groups need to bend to the direction of the teacher so that learning can take place. I don't merely want to survive... I want to see that every child in my classroom is ready for second grade. And herein lies the problem. Most of the children that I have don't want to listen... oh I shouldn't say that. They DO want to listen, if they have time after doing what they are consumed with, at that moment. The bossy girls are telling everyone what to do, the Baby boys are rolling on the floor or playing "I'll poke you and then you poke me", the Yakkers are having conversations with everyone around them, the Blessed are sitting there ready to learn (thank Goodness for them... all 6 of them) and you don't even want to know what the Psychos are doing... (who knows what they are thinking)

Anyway... why am I discussing this on my sick day!!!!? All I wanted to really say was, "Thank you Angelee... and Becky" (who babysat)

And since I have a blog that noone reads... except for Angelee... and maybe Sam... and maybe Ben... but surely noone else... I would like to say that I love my Seminary class. I love teaching the Book of Mormon... but in the midst of all this gooey love and tenderness... I am feeling a tad of nonsupport from some of the parents of the students in my class. At least 3 weeks ago I mailed a letter to each of them (which I am very proud of doing because I am notorious for having good ideas but doing nothing with that good idea) but I actually wrote the letters, made copies, addressed them, stamped them, put in a self-addressed stamped envelope, went home to get them when I forgot them, turned around at school when i forgot to mail them and actually MAILED them. WOW! Yay for me. I asked in this letter for a letter from them to their son or daughter... kinda like what Alma said to his sons... Helaman, Shiblom and Corianton. And yes, I have most of the letters at this point... but guess whose letters I don't have... my FRIENDS letters. Yes, that would be Jagodas, Robertson's and Hancocks. Oh well... maybe they have been on a cruise or maybe they ran out of paper or maybe they are more busy than any of the other parents who have dutifully returned their letters to me. It is not up to me to judge... Each time I have talked to Annette she says, (hopefully), "Am I too late?" Oh no, you are not too late. (I wish I had a letter from my mother.)

Hey... I found my camera!!! I had lost my red camera, my new red glasses and my new grandchildren necklace from Christmas. Angelee found the glasses and the necklace and I found the camera this morning. I am not publishing where I found it.

Friday, October 23, 2009


This is Kate and Cyndi in Lake Tahoe.  Kate turned one... and it was so fun to see her.

This is MaRee, Charlee and Joshua sitting on the lawn at Angelees house.  We had just returned from a shopping trip to Costco so we were all eating cookies.  This is a landmark picture because Joshua is actually sitting on my lap VOLUNTARILY... (probably because I brought the cookies. :) )

Angelee... I definately need blogging help.

A good time was had by all at Casa Lupe on Thursday night.  We were all there for Nick's b'day.  Of course we weren't ALL  there.  We were missing the Sacramento Acebos and Darryl and the Lake Tahoe Acebos are rarely at our functions.  But we managed without them.  No one got drunk and disorderly... so it was all good.

My first grade class is difficult.  It is taking a toll on me.

My Seminary class is fun.  They are good kids who are actually ALMOST on time.

My teacher peers are worried about me.  I guess I look bad.

I need more $$$ but who doesn't?

I love to sit in my tan chair and do nothing.

Walt volunteered to teach Seminary for me on Friday.  I was greatful.  Any other takers?

It is almost November. Wow!

Things could be worse.  The balloon boy idea could have been my bright idea.

America's Top Model is my favorite show... How stupid is that!

Nephi is an amazing man.  I wonder what he thinks of the events of 2009

I love the weekends...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Funeral in Salt Lake City

Well... we have lost another mortal to the spirit world.  Yes... my sister Bonnie has left her mortal body here on Earth and has decided to live painlessly in Paradise.  And yes, we know she is in Paradise.  She spent the last 3 years of her life making amends and getting ready for her entry into the next stage of her journey.  

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Seminary, 2009

Anyway... here are this years Seniors... 2009.  They have already had their last "first day" of Seminary... (thankfully).

Janne and Jorge both go to Butte for College Connections.  We all envy them as they walk out the door 10 minutes early.

Jimmy... a nice, quiet boy.  He definately belonged in last years "quiet class".
The cutest boy in my class... Chue (who happens to be Thao's little bro)... doesn't like his picture taken. How ridiculous... he is very photogenic.
Dennis... one of the brothers
Charlie... the other brother... and also very photogenic.  Both work at Taco Bell.  One works at the one by the movie and the other works at the good one.  I can't remember who goes with which...
Cody and Katie...   more on Cody at a later date when I have more dirt on him...
.the 3 musketeers... and carpoolers... Katie, Kelsey, and Kelsey.  Their strength is CHATTING.  I wonder if one can major in that at college because they would do very well in that field.  The career choices would be teaching, president of the USA, greeter at the Walmart, sales of some sort, blog masters,  office managers, Dentists, lawyers and car salesmen.  Good Luck, ladies.
My home teacher, Brandon and Janne, again.  She is in College Connections and so she has the added pressure to look good every day because of all those older men she is around...
MaiKue... this is her first year at Seminary because she is a new member of the Church.  She is a friend of Kimberly, who is attending BYU, Idaho and rooming with Shannon (both of whom are former students of mine.)  MaiKue brings a light, an excitement and a wonderful spirit to Seminary every day.  If I had favorites, she would definately be nominated, but since I don't, oh well...
I apologize to my class for all the misspelled names.  I sometimes get better later on.  And sometimes I don't...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hell on Earth!!

Fortunately, God loves me and has taken pity on me.  In addition to the miraculous infection of the Monte Vista building which delayed Seminary, the powers that think they are in charge, are hiring a new kindergarten teacher and so all my kinders will be in ANOTHER ROOM... THE ONE NEXT DOOR... ROOM 2... OUT OF ROOM 1.  I, however, know who the real POWER is and I am so thankful for his tender mercies.  You may think I am making light of sacred things, but I assure you, I am not.  Anyone who has been to Hell and survived, knows who to thank for their escape!

By the way, do you think that looks like a lot of 4, 5 and 6 year olds?  4 are absent...

Thursday, August 13, 2009


And now my baby is having babies...
She is a great daughter, sister, mother and auntie.
And she has found a wonderful man to be part of the family.  
Thank you Nick for taking her off my hands.

Friday, August 7, 2009


I need help from all you seminary grads.  

You all remember the good ol' days of Seminary.  Well, guess what?  It is still going on.  There are a number of LDS youth, ages 13-17 , and teachers (mostly old), who continue to get up at the crack of dawn and and attend a morning meeting that ranges from highly spiritual to exhaustingly boring  (depending on who you talk to).

Most of you are glad that it is still happening.  It is kinda like some awful kind of initiation.  "If I had to go, then so should everyone else."  "If I had to go through that kind of daily pain, torture and boredom, then SO SHOULD YOU!!!  Shut up and go."

But now that you have it out of your system, just think.  What could have made it better, (besides having 3 days off a week)?  Help this teacher avoid mistakes that are so obvious to you but may be not so obvious to me.  What would have made it better, what is the best and what is the worst thing a teacher can do.

Help me, please.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

10 more days...

Well.... this is my farewell address.  I have to start getting mentally ready to give up my life as I know it and go back to the life of a droid... seminary, school, study, sleep.  (Hey, did you notice that my droid activities all start with "s".)  

Anyway, so long sleeping til 10:30 AM.  So long, Dave (Letterman).  So long, blogging.  So long beautiful house.  So long Chico, Sacramento, Lake Tahoe, Oregon...  So long trashy novels.  So long Priests.  So long shopping with Angelee and Jo.  So long weedless yard.  Hello weeds.

Anyway, I have to start getting mentally prepared.  Summer is almost over.  I have a mere 10 days of hazy, lazy days.  I will not be depressed about having 30 kids in my classroom this year... because I am grateful to have a job.  I will not complain about Seminary... because this is my last year and I am teaching Book of Mormon.  

I have a blessed life... and who would even like summer if it lasted all year long!!! 

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Cleaned up, vacuumed, dusted, and 2 pieces of furniture gone.  Angelee says I am not to line every wall with furniture.  Witch!
Jo says, " I didn't know that room could look good."  High praise from Jo
New paint, new baseboards...
New floor
Old oak furniture on new cherry floors.

Are those lovely flowers real or fake?  And how many remotes does one old television need?
Sam is the miracle worker.  I was in Lake Tahoe visiting Kate when this serious miracle happened.  What a surprise!!  I can't wait for Ben to come and see everything that has happened to my mom's house and yard.  I have the best family in the world.  Sam was the project manager but everyone else has a hand (and an arm and a leg and another hand) in this transformation.  Nick, Sam, Angelee and Jo painted, D and Sam put down the floor and Darryl has done more stuff to this house than I have time to mention but includes the kitchen and deck.  
Mike and Shannon are the yard miracle workers.

Thank you, my family!!