Sunday, April 4, 2010


Here I am at the end of Spring Break... Easter vacation. How can 10 days go so fast is what I want to know. But I have accomplished everything on my list EXCEPT I never made it to Lake Tahoe but I am going as soon as this weather clears up. I feel bad that I am not a braver driver but I am California Valley driver... not a winter mountain driver. And so... is everyone so surprised at the weather. I thought that we were into spring... but remember, the groundhog did see his shadow...

We had a very nice Easter dinner today. Everyone who could come, came. The food turned out good... SURPRISE! It was nice to have a house full of family and friends.

Hey... another earthquake. You all know what this means... and it is getting closer to home... 9000 tweets a minute.

FYI...47 days of school (and Seminary) left, but who is counting?

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Angelee said...

Did you get to see josh and charlee enough??? :)