Friday, October 23, 2009


This is Kate and Cyndi in Lake Tahoe.  Kate turned one... and it was so fun to see her.

This is MaRee, Charlee and Joshua sitting on the lawn at Angelees house.  We had just returned from a shopping trip to Costco so we were all eating cookies.  This is a landmark picture because Joshua is actually sitting on my lap VOLUNTARILY... (probably because I brought the cookies. :) )

Angelee... I definately need blogging help.

A good time was had by all at Casa Lupe on Thursday night.  We were all there for Nick's b'day.  Of course we weren't ALL  there.  We were missing the Sacramento Acebos and Darryl and the Lake Tahoe Acebos are rarely at our functions.  But we managed without them.  No one got drunk and disorderly... so it was all good.

My first grade class is difficult.  It is taking a toll on me.

My Seminary class is fun.  They are good kids who are actually ALMOST on time.

My teacher peers are worried about me.  I guess I look bad.

I need more $$$ but who doesn't?

I love to sit in my tan chair and do nothing.

Walt volunteered to teach Seminary for me on Friday.  I was greatful.  Any other takers?

It is almost November. Wow!

Things could be worse.  The balloon boy idea could have been my bright idea.

America's Top Model is my favorite show... How stupid is that!

Nephi is an amazing man.  I wonder what he thinks of the events of 2009

I love the weekends...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Funeral in Salt Lake City

Well... we have lost another mortal to the spirit world.  Yes... my sister Bonnie has left her mortal body here on Earth and has decided to live painlessly in Paradise.  And yes, we know she is in Paradise.  She spent the last 3 years of her life making amends and getting ready for her entry into the next stage of her journey.  

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Seminary, 2009

Anyway... here are this years Seniors... 2009.  They have already had their last "first day" of Seminary... (thankfully).

Janne and Jorge both go to Butte for College Connections.  We all envy them as they walk out the door 10 minutes early.

Jimmy... a nice, quiet boy.  He definately belonged in last years "quiet class".
The cutest boy in my class... Chue (who happens to be Thao's little bro)... doesn't like his picture taken. How ridiculous... he is very photogenic.
Dennis... one of the brothers
Charlie... the other brother... and also very photogenic.  Both work at Taco Bell.  One works at the one by the movie and the other works at the good one.  I can't remember who goes with which...
Cody and Katie...   more on Cody at a later date when I have more dirt on him...
.the 3 musketeers... and carpoolers... Katie, Kelsey, and Kelsey.  Their strength is CHATTING.  I wonder if one can major in that at college because they would do very well in that field.  The career choices would be teaching, president of the USA, greeter at the Walmart, sales of some sort, blog masters,  office managers, Dentists, lawyers and car salesmen.  Good Luck, ladies.
My home teacher, Brandon and Janne, again.  She is in College Connections and so she has the added pressure to look good every day because of all those older men she is around...
MaiKue... this is her first year at Seminary because she is a new member of the Church.  She is a friend of Kimberly, who is attending BYU, Idaho and rooming with Shannon (both of whom are former students of mine.)  MaiKue brings a light, an excitement and a wonderful spirit to Seminary every day.  If I had favorites, she would definately be nominated, but since I don't, oh well...
I apologize to my class for all the misspelled names.  I sometimes get better later on.  And sometimes I don't...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hell on Earth!!

Fortunately, God loves me and has taken pity on me.  In addition to the miraculous infection of the Monte Vista building which delayed Seminary, the powers that think they are in charge, are hiring a new kindergarten teacher and so all my kinders will be in ANOTHER ROOM... THE ONE NEXT DOOR... ROOM 2... OUT OF ROOM 1.  I, however, know who the real POWER is and I am so thankful for his tender mercies.  You may think I am making light of sacred things, but I assure you, I am not.  Anyone who has been to Hell and survived, knows who to thank for their escape!

By the way, do you think that looks like a lot of 4, 5 and 6 year olds?  4 are absent...

Thursday, August 13, 2009


And now my baby is having babies...
She is a great daughter, sister, mother and auntie.
And she has found a wonderful man to be part of the family.  
Thank you Nick for taking her off my hands.

Friday, August 7, 2009


I need help from all you seminary grads.  

You all remember the good ol' days of Seminary.  Well, guess what?  It is still going on.  There are a number of LDS youth, ages 13-17 , and teachers (mostly old), who continue to get up at the crack of dawn and and attend a morning meeting that ranges from highly spiritual to exhaustingly boring  (depending on who you talk to).

Most of you are glad that it is still happening.  It is kinda like some awful kind of initiation.  "If I had to go, then so should everyone else."  "If I had to go through that kind of daily pain, torture and boredom, then SO SHOULD YOU!!!  Shut up and go."

But now that you have it out of your system, just think.  What could have made it better, (besides having 3 days off a week)?  Help this teacher avoid mistakes that are so obvious to you but may be not so obvious to me.  What would have made it better, what is the best and what is the worst thing a teacher can do.

Help me, please.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

10 more days...

Well.... this is my farewell address.  I have to start getting mentally ready to give up my life as I know it and go back to the life of a droid... seminary, school, study, sleep.  (Hey, did you notice that my droid activities all start with "s".)  

Anyway, so long sleeping til 10:30 AM.  So long, Dave (Letterman).  So long, blogging.  So long beautiful house.  So long Chico, Sacramento, Lake Tahoe, Oregon...  So long trashy novels.  So long Priests.  So long shopping with Angelee and Jo.  So long weedless yard.  Hello weeds.

Anyway, I have to start getting mentally prepared.  Summer is almost over.  I have a mere 10 days of hazy, lazy days.  I will not be depressed about having 30 kids in my classroom this year... because I am grateful to have a job.  I will not complain about Seminary... because this is my last year and I am teaching Book of Mormon.  

I have a blessed life... and who would even like summer if it lasted all year long!!! 

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Cleaned up, vacuumed, dusted, and 2 pieces of furniture gone.  Angelee says I am not to line every wall with furniture.  Witch!
Jo says, " I didn't know that room could look good."  High praise from Jo
New paint, new baseboards...
New floor
Old oak furniture on new cherry floors.

Are those lovely flowers real or fake?  And how many remotes does one old television need?
Sam is the miracle worker.  I was in Lake Tahoe visiting Kate when this serious miracle happened.  What a surprise!!  I can't wait for Ben to come and see everything that has happened to my mom's house and yard.  I have the best family in the world.  Sam was the project manager but everyone else has a hand (and an arm and a leg and another hand) in this transformation.  Nick, Sam, Angelee and Jo painted, D and Sam put down the floor and Darryl has done more stuff to this house than I have time to mention but includes the kitchen and deck.  
Mike and Shannon are the yard miracle workers.

Thank you, my family!!

Friday, July 24, 2009


OF course this is backwards... this is supposed to be the last picture.  Oh well... the almost finished patio of Jo and Darryl.  This is the third patio this summer.  And all of them are different.  We will be having a patio showing  of all three patios at a future date.  Check this blog for further info on this oh so interesting feature.

The almost finished patio.  What is that pattern? I can hear you asking.  Oh, that would be "planned random".
So nice...   

Darryl had the easy part and the fun part... ok...not really easy but sorta fun.
The grunt labor... D on the rototillar...not much fun! 
More grunt labor...Sam replaces a sprinkler...

I have learned a lot this summer about patios.  The most important part is that the prep work is the hardest and takes the longest time.  It is not fun but it is so important to the finished product.  Shortcuts are not tolerated.  But nobody appreciates the work or the worker of this under appreciated slave labor.  There are many unsung heros out there who have sweat gallons of liquid and have drank, drunk gallons of liquid so they could then sweat more gallons... you get the point...   So a high five to all you slave laborists out there.  Just so you know... there is one person in this world who appreciates you. That would be me.  You're welcome.

Kate in the buff...

Kate is not picking her nose... she is cute in her nightie nights.
We can almost see her 7 teeth... and look at those flowing blonde locks.
Oh my!  Is that a bug?
I am so cute... and I love my daddy!
Is that another bug?  My mom does not like them but I do...
Playboy called and I only pose for "tasteful" nude shots...
Who is that baby in the mirror?  I would like to meet her...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Patio... done!

I think this is the most beautiful patio ever (sorry Angelee,  yours is nice, but...) If any of you were watching news yesterday about Elizabeth Edwards you could have seen her entrance to her house and it was almost as beautiful as my patio... but I digress.

Anyway... how lovely is this.  And to think that Sam was foreman, supervisor, laborer, chief of the union and designer. 

Derek was the right hand man... #2 in command... necessary for all projects... and quality control

JG was laborer
Each stone was selected individually, placed lovingly, carefully leveled, and named (just kidding)
My favorite stone is in the middle... named tiger stripe.  Okay, we named some of them.
The walk way to the NEW GATE.
Do you see "California"?  
Another important job... "the sweeper of sand ".
The first stone.  (You know what they say about 'he who casts the first stone'.  It wasn't me, this time)

Friday, July 10, 2009

My Smile

Eat your collective hearts out... it takes years to get this smile and to think it is the subject of serious ridicule among my supposed loved ones.  Yes, they make fun of it to the point that at Cyndi's b'day lunch at Cheesecake Factory they ALL DID THEIR BEST IMITATION.   Yes, this is what we do when we get together in public.  I used to be embarrassed by them but I have developed unconditional love for them.  
So... here they all are doing their best rendition of  "The Smile".  Actually they are all jealous and I consider it my best feature... in addition to my lovely hair. :)

Charlee gives it a good try...

Shannon does good when the camera is not on her... but is camera shy.  I always tell her, "Be one with the camera".

Jo definately has the most fun.  I actually think it was Jo who started all this commotion.

And as you will see, they all need some practice.


Ben... not his best effort.  He too, does not love the camera.
Angelee... giving it her best try.  You have a long way to go, girl!!

Cyndi... the winner (and I am trying not to be offended.  It occurs to me that my daughter-in-laws are actually making fun of their MOTHER-IN-LAW.  That takes guts.)

And... ta dah... the one and only!