Sunday, August 28, 2011


We have set the date for December 17 and if you are reading this you are invited. That means 3 less invitations... Angelee, of course, is doing the invitations so you can look forward to that work of art in the ensuing weeks. I have chosen a theme for the party (we are not referring to it as a is more of an open house) and we are leaning toward having it at my house. Why? Because I really want it at my house.

I have a dress. I wanted to wear a black dress, but I just can't picture me having my wedding picture in front of the temple in a black dress. So it is... oh you will just have to be surprised, because I certainly am. But it is tight... too tight. So its the "black pants" drama all over again. The reason that I even started this blasted diet was to get into the nicest black pants you have ever seen but I could not zip them up. By the cruise I was in them and they were actually comfortable. So I have a wedding dress to get into... Do you know that wedding dresses run small... oh yes they do! I learned that when we were buying for Angelee... and it still applies.

Well, here we are... the happy couple. We are here in Yosemite... three days before those poor unfortunate souls went over the Vernal Falls. There have been at least 16 deaths at the park this year alone. I had never been to Yosemite before and it is simply amazing! Man has done some pretty amazing things... but so has nature. Yosemite is a testimony to the power of water... frozen state such as glaciers or simply running in a stream for countless years.

Oh Angelee, please don't roll your eyes. I am simply an old and aged woman who has no idea how to turn this photo the right way. I have looked here and i think I missed the chance a while back. Oh well, we are at Point Montara Light House watching the ocean on a frosty July day. Oh yes, it is always frosty on the coast.
I think this is the day we fell in love.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Is she in love?

Who knows what love really is... does anyone really know? Well, I certainly do not, but none the less, I have met a very nice man and we are friends. How can someone who is 63 (yes, 63) years old have a boyfriend? But what else can you say... "Oh this is my significant other"... how stupid is that. "This is my guy". Stupid again. "This is my man..." yuk... So I guess he is my boyfriend. His name is John and he lives in Danville.

This picture is in San Francisco where we had our first date... just me, John, Jo and Angelee. Oh yes, we all went.
Jo, Darryl, John and I recently went camping to Lake Almanor. Fun was had by all. It was so quiet... with no children, grandchildren, grand dogs, friends of children, friends of grandchildren, etc. In fact, sometimes it was too quiet.

It was also my birthday. When we returned on Sunday everybody came to Oroville and surprised me with a b'b'que birthday party. It was so nice.
Here are the four of us. We went to Susanville and saw Green Lantern. I don't care what the reviews said, I liked it.
Guess what the largest State Park in Oregon is...? Can you guess? Ok... you are right... it is Silver Falls State Park. I have never seen xmas tree farms for as far as the eye can see. They went on and on and on... no wonder there are so many trees in the lots at xmas. I always felt bad because I thought the forests were being depleted, but not so... only the tree farms are being depleted... and that is ok by me!

So... Silver Falls State Park has 11 water falls. We walked down to the biggest one which is called South Falls. It was quite a walk for a 63 year old senior citizen... but she was a trouper. Too bad I was wearing salt water sandals... too bad I didn't have on walking shoes... too bad the battery on my camera was dead...
This is my friend Jan and I with the falls in the background. I go to her house in Oregon every year. She lives in Cocquille which is a hop, skip and a jump from Bandon and Coos Bay. We have a lot of fun on my Oregon run and I look forward to it every year. I am not much help as a house guest... I don't want to get in the way. :) Larry cooks and cleans and I finally realized, this year, that every time I go in the bathroom the toilet lid is down. I never noticed before.

Okay... back to the boyfriend thing. We met on LDS Planet... and conversed on line and then talked on the phone and then met in San Francisco. I didn't especially like him but Jo and Angelee did so I decided to not toss him out immediately but try to get to know him. We met next at a Singles Conference, which happened to be the same day that we made 3000 egg rolls for the Hmong Branch. I invited him to Oroville that night and went to the special conference the next day... the one with D. Todd Christofferson. Don't worry people, he stayed at Susan's. I still didn't really like him that much (he seemed kind of nerdy... but I don't exactly have the best track record when it comes to picking men, so I told H.F. that he could choose the next one. So with that in mind, I didn't dare toss him out if this was really his choice. And the little voice kept saying, "You don't know him, you don't know him, you don't know him...". OKAY, I shouted back!!!!!!!!! I will get to know him.)

We started talking on the phone every night... and haven't stopped. We text all day. He is very smitten with me... can you believe such a thing? And I really like him. It is true... I really didn't know him. Susan pointed out that he is the exact opposite of Angelo, in every way... (except that they are both only children and they both like to eat). He has only been a member of the church for a couple of years and his new calling is that of sac. meeting chorister. He has no idea how to lead music and does not know the church hymns that well... should be interesting.

As for his job? I am embarrassed to say that I have no idea what he does. Okay... he is a technical writer... but what the heck is that? He took me to his place of employment and introduced me around, but I still don't know what the heck it is all about. I saw his office and it is nice and neat. That's all I can say about that...

And his family? Oh yes, I have met them all... and her name is Sarah. I have not met his son who is back east. And he has met Jo, Angelee, Nick, Darryl, Sam, Booker, Joshua, Charlee, and he will soon be meeting Ben, Cyndi, Kate, Mike, Shannon, Chris and Stevie... not to mention Buddy and Ellie. We are just a little over whelming... I am not referring to sheer numbers... he thinks our family is like a sit-com...

Anyway... that should answer most of your questions. He is gentle, kind, smart and devoted to God... and to me. How lucky am I?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

We'll be back before we know it...

It's true... we're back...

But as soon as I got back I had to get to school to get the next week ready AND GET READY TO GO TO LA ON WEDNESDAY. Oh my gosh... I have been in 5 airports in the last two weeks. And I am now one of those people who say... "...OMG... have you been in the airport in Puerto Rico? It is sooooooo busy... It is nothing like San Francisco"... anyway, for real, have you been to the Long Beach airport? It is sooooooo Chico.... (I have become one of those people after all.)

Anyway... for the record
I did not need a little blanket for the airport
Bronze sandals do go with everything
"Smart casual" means don't go looking like you do in Oroville
A hat was appreciated on the trip
A change of clothes (ship clothes) was good to have in the carry-on
I needed a purse... I needed to have close access to my passport, sea-pass card, money, camera and so I had to improvise quickly
You do need a buddy on the trip, whether husband or "other"
You need to have respect for the caribbean sun... you WILL tan wearing sunscreen... you will fry without it.
Snorkeling is so much fun
Salt water tastes yukky and swallowing big mouthfuls is even yukkier.
One MUST put the snorkel thing in your mouth before trying to breathe under water. (I repeat... salt water tastes yukky)
Dinner takes 2 hours... but well worth the wait
A buffet is a buffet
There is a big gap between the "haves" and "have nots". By the way, we are the "haves", even on the ship
We all know about the "large and spacious building" referred to in the BoM. I was uncomfortable being on the "large and spacious" ship that looked down on the poverty of the islands. I was careful not to laugh and point.
I do not like money belts... but I do like money.
Everyone wore a swim suit and everyone looked great in them... pretty much... all that talk about "just wearing shorts and a shirt" was nonsense. (We all wanted a tan)
Helmets protect heads... as it turns out. I am glad they didn't give me a choice about that.
God loves his people no matter where they live.
Doing your hair everyday sucks
A lot can be squeezed into one day.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Well, tomorrow is the day! And I about froze today... by the time I left my classroom this evening it was a frigid 64 degrees... in the classroom! I can hardly wait to warm up. But there in lies the problem... getting on the plane in cold weather and getting off in hot weather. So what to wear ??? so that one does not freeze to death on one coast or end up sweating bullets on the other. Well, I have decided to freeze on this side.

I have listened and tried to learn from everyone. For instance...
from Susan I learned to take a hat and bring a little neck pillow and socks on the plane
from Natalie (Jo's friend) I learned to take a little quilt
from Dee I learned to have 'rock star' toes and get a pre-tanned
from Laura I learned to take little money... not big bills and to wear skirts
while Pat Bisson wears the neck thing, Judy Rotar advised a money belt and escargo
and simply 'everyone' snorkels' and so me too!
Dee wears sundresses so I now have a sundress
Becky wears shirts and shorts over her swim suit so I too have shorts and a shirt
And when I saw Walt at the meeting in his Hawaiian shirt, I knew I needed tropical clothing
Susan went on pre-cruise diet and so that meant I had too as well.
Laura said to take a change of clothes and a swimsuit in my carry-on and so I am
I am trying to follow all instructions

I have never worked so hard for 7 days of "fun". It had better be worth what I have gone through...

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Well, 5 days to go... I will be back before I know it.

Its taken a lot of "think time" to figure out what to take. I never thought I would spend so much time thinking about clothing. I have not bought much... no clothing, except for the sundress that Jo made for me. And it is sooooo cute.

I have taken advice from many people. As a result I am now tanning (with very minimal results), am the proud owner of snorkel gear, have my cash in small bills, have my swimsuit and a change of clothing in my carry-on, have a little pillow for the long night on the plane, etc. I feel pretty much ready... and so now I have to get my classroom ready for my departure. My report cards are almost done and I am dutifully working to eliminate the many items on my lengthy list. I don't think most people have to work as hard as me just to be gone for 7 days. Poor me... cursed cruise!

Anyone interested in the much discussed black pants? Well, they button but they are still snug. But I am wearing them...

Sam told me that i have become a true "Orovillan" because of my tooth dilemma (or should I say lack of teeth). But oh the miracle of living in this day and age and having Keith for a dentist. Miracles still happen... my oh so beautiful smile is evidence of that. I am lucky and need to suck up my aversion and fear of the dentist office and face it like a big girl (yes, I know, but I am trying to be a smaller version of a "big girl".)

Anyway,,, my next post will be the annoying pictures of someone who has just returned from vacation in the caribbean.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Big Ed

And so... Big Ed has flirted with me again... a flirt "kiss". Oh boy... and so since he cannot take a hint, perhaps I should get the message with Roseville man, and perhaps I too cannot take a hint. Sigh......... but I do not have a mustache from one ear to the other. Plus, he has SOME high school and he "sometimes attends church". Heavenly Father must have a really good plan for me... because this certainly is not working well....

In case you were wondering about the progress with the aforementioned black pants... they will now button and I COULD wear them, but they are far from comfortable. Thank goodness I still have 18 days. I just need a little less tummy... the legs are fine.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

FRUSTRATION, continued...

Well, there is this nice looking man in Roseville. He is like the closest to my area and so I am thinking... here is at least one possibility... not anything real... but a tiny little possibility. And so, with my common sense put aside, I actually messaged him. I could tell that he looked at my profile that same day... so i am assuming he looked at my profile after my message... but did he message back? Ah.... no. And so I thought I would try one more time and so I told him about our b'day lunch at BJ's in Roseville... blah, blah, blah. And so we will see, since I feel as if i am throwing myself at him... And so if I receive nothing again I am going to send him a "smart-ass" goodbye message. Maybe I will rethink this...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

the Cruise

Have I mentioned that I am going on a cruise... with 44 of my closest friends. We are having a little pre cruise meeting tomorrow night to discuss clothing and stuff. This is my first cruise... all the others are seasoned in the cruising world. I just hope the airplane doesn't crash.

Anyway... here's the deal. I know basically what I have to take but I really don't want to be one of those who take too much... what does it really matter. Well, apparently it does matter at dinner time. Two nights are dressy or more and the rest are dressy-casual. I have no idea what that even means. So... I have these nice black slacks that I have had for several years... and they are sooooo nice. They are lined and have a little ribbon stitched on the waistband. And so I want to wear them. But do you think they fit me? Wellllllll, I think you know the answer. And so... that sort of made me think that maybe they could fit, IF I COULD GET ON A PLAN (I am not using the "d" word anymore). And so I am professing in black and white that I AM wearing those pants one of those nights.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


If you are looking for frustration, disappointment and a walk down "going nowhere street", just sign up for LDS Planet. Oh, by the way, you probably shouldn't do this unless you are NOT married. For those of you who are wondering how my new "walk on the online wild side" is going, please don't ask. The one word answer is FRUSTRATING. You may say to me, then why are you doing this???? One must remember, "If you continue to do what you are doing, you will continue to get what you get..."

So... there you are... I am at least trying.

Back to the subject... I have had at least 44 flirts, a few messages and I have been listed as a "favorite" to an 80 year old man. So you may think this is progress. Not so. I cannot tell one from another... i get them all mixed up. What am i supposed to do? Keep notes? So, someone sends me a flirt. I think, who is that? So I look at his profile. I read. But he knows when I have looked at his profile and so he thinks i am looking at him. I send him a message... I have decided flirts are a waste of time", just a little harmless hi... hows the weather sort of mindless, meaningless message just to get things started. He doesn't respond but I get another flirt from him. What's going on. Get with the program. And then i check my inbox again and I have more flirts and i think who is BigED... (yes... big ED... ????????) and I look him up and he's the one with the mustache that goes from ear to ear... I kid you not. But now he sees me looking at him again. AGGGGGGGGGGGGG! So he flirts back and all I did was look at his profile because i am too stupid to remember that Big Ed has an emormous mustache (and probably ego to match). Its a good thing i have jo to help me with this project. I probably need site managers... like Susan, for instance. She makes the replies on Mon, Laura on Tues, Angelee on Wed... Jo can be the "site manager" and just call me with an likely candidates. I will be accepting applications... please apply on line....

Friday, January 14, 2011

If you continue to do what you are doing...

Weldon told us teachers years ago that if you continue to do what you are doing you will continue to get what you get. Good advice... I think about it often. It was intended to motivate us to change things up so we would do a better job at teaching, but it had the opposite effect with me. It made me realize that in order to continue to get the good results I was getting, I would need to continue what I was doing. And I try everyday to continue to do a good job.

BUT, and it is a big but, there are other areas in my life that perhaps I need to change it up a bit. For example, perhaps it is time to re-enter the HORRIBLE DATING ARENA VIA THE INTERNET. Yes, I played that stupid game in my pre-Seminary life but found out you cannot do anything but work, study and sleep if you are a Seminary teacher. But now I have entered my post Seminary years and think that perhaps it is time again. And what has caused this renewed interest in something I truly detest. Well, it is embarrassing to admit. I could erase this and not devulge this shallow part of me. In fact, I should not even admit to such a flimsy reason for spending a whole $18.90 for a month of horror. But here goes... Holly Torricelli's sister met a man on line and is now engaged. Can you believe that I am being swayed by such a thing. For one thing... I love being single. I love sleeping alone. I love not cooking. I love doing only my laundry every other week or so. I love watching my own TV shows. I love stinking up the bathroom and not worrying about it. I love spending my money on me. I love going where I want to go. I love visiting my family when ever I want to. I love only having to worry about my own health. Yes... I am a happy camper. And so here I go again on a perilous journey... a journey to look for someone to mess up my perfect life.

And for those of you who are wondering how this journey is going... yes I have had some people send me some "stupid flirts" but I have not returned any. I know, I know...