Saturday, March 5, 2011

We'll be back before we know it...

It's true... we're back...

But as soon as I got back I had to get to school to get the next week ready AND GET READY TO GO TO LA ON WEDNESDAY. Oh my gosh... I have been in 5 airports in the last two weeks. And I am now one of those people who say... "...OMG... have you been in the airport in Puerto Rico? It is sooooooo busy... It is nothing like San Francisco"... anyway, for real, have you been to the Long Beach airport? It is sooooooo Chico.... (I have become one of those people after all.)

Anyway... for the record
I did not need a little blanket for the airport
Bronze sandals do go with everything
"Smart casual" means don't go looking like you do in Oroville
A hat was appreciated on the trip
A change of clothes (ship clothes) was good to have in the carry-on
I needed a purse... I needed to have close access to my passport, sea-pass card, money, camera and so I had to improvise quickly
You do need a buddy on the trip, whether husband or "other"
You need to have respect for the caribbean sun... you WILL tan wearing sunscreen... you will fry without it.
Snorkeling is so much fun
Salt water tastes yukky and swallowing big mouthfuls is even yukkier.
One MUST put the snorkel thing in your mouth before trying to breathe under water. (I repeat... salt water tastes yukky)
Dinner takes 2 hours... but well worth the wait
A buffet is a buffet
There is a big gap between the "haves" and "have nots". By the way, we are the "haves", even on the ship
We all know about the "large and spacious building" referred to in the BoM. I was uncomfortable being on the "large and spacious" ship that looked down on the poverty of the islands. I was careful not to laugh and point.
I do not like money belts... but I do like money.
Everyone wore a swim suit and everyone looked great in them... pretty much... all that talk about "just wearing shorts and a shirt" was nonsense. (We all wanted a tan)
Helmets protect heads... as it turns out. I am glad they didn't give me a choice about that.
God loves his people no matter where they live.
Doing your hair everyday sucks
A lot can be squeezed into one day.