Friday, July 23, 2010


Angelee and the kids came to Oroville the other day and Josh mentioned "tea party". So like any good "bah-ree" would do, I cleared off a little table, got out cups, plates, a big cup as a pitcher and had a real, live, ghetto, Oroville style tea party. Since then, however, I am now prepared. I have a real teapot, appropriate cups and plates, a new table and chairs and NOW I AM READY.

"Oroville" tea party...

Its a good thing they had no idea what a real tea party is like. Nae had a cookie in each hand... she saw they were going fast and she is no fool. She ended up ABSOLUTELY SOAKING WET. Oh if you could have seen Angelee's face. She had no clothes to change into so all we could find were some jammies of Josh's. She loved them. And then Josh (who would stay in jammies all day long if he was allowed) wanted to change into jammies. The jams we found for him were about size 2T so they were like a second skin and barely below his knees. They were in second heaven, but those of you who know Angelee, should have seen her face. She was agast... I wish I had a picture of that scene...


Kate, Cyndi and Ben are doing well in Lake Tahoe. I spent a few days with them as the dutiful grandma on summer vacation. It is hard to visit during the year because of their snow and my blasted schedule. I am a California driver. If you don't believe me, just ask Susan.

Kate and Ben at Tahoe Childrens Foundation. Guess who's the only child without a cute little lunch box for snack. Guess who takes their snack in a brown paper sack with her name on it. Guess who makes the snack...

Circle time. Guess who knows all the words (and it isn't Kate)

Isn't she beautiful?

Kate is a happy little girl who is adored by her parents.


I have returned from my annual trip to Oregon. Every year I travel to Coquille, OR where my friends Jan and Larry Payne have retired to. They are very close to Coos Bay and Bandon (by the sea). ha ha Anyway, we always have a day trip that some times lasts two days but this year we visited the smallest harbor on the biggest ocean... Depoe Bay. (Did I spell that right?) Anyway, we went whale watching out on the Pacific Ocean. And we saw a gray whale just swimming around. We had fun. And it wasn't windy or cold.

Me on an Oregon beach.

Jan and Larry on the boat

Depoe Bay Harbor