Sunday, January 23, 2011


If you are looking for frustration, disappointment and a walk down "going nowhere street", just sign up for LDS Planet. Oh, by the way, you probably shouldn't do this unless you are NOT married. For those of you who are wondering how my new "walk on the online wild side" is going, please don't ask. The one word answer is FRUSTRATING. You may say to me, then why are you doing this???? One must remember, "If you continue to do what you are doing, you will continue to get what you get..."

So... there you are... I am at least trying.

Back to the subject... I have had at least 44 flirts, a few messages and I have been listed as a "favorite" to an 80 year old man. So you may think this is progress. Not so. I cannot tell one from another... i get them all mixed up. What am i supposed to do? Keep notes? So, someone sends me a flirt. I think, who is that? So I look at his profile. I read. But he knows when I have looked at his profile and so he thinks i am looking at him. I send him a message... I have decided flirts are a waste of time", just a little harmless hi... hows the weather sort of mindless, meaningless message just to get things started. He doesn't respond but I get another flirt from him. What's going on. Get with the program. And then i check my inbox again and I have more flirts and i think who is BigED... (yes... big ED... ????????) and I look him up and he's the one with the mustache that goes from ear to ear... I kid you not. But now he sees me looking at him again. AGGGGGGGGGGGGG! So he flirts back and all I did was look at his profile because i am too stupid to remember that Big Ed has an emormous mustache (and probably ego to match). Its a good thing i have jo to help me with this project. I probably need site managers... like Susan, for instance. She makes the replies on Mon, Laura on Tues, Angelee on Wed... Jo can be the "site manager" and just call me with an likely candidates. I will be accepting applications... please apply on line....

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Angelee said...

you're funny. And I suppose the pay is the sheer satisfacation of "having fun" with you.