Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hell on Earth!!

Fortunately, God loves me and has taken pity on me.  In addition to the miraculous infection of the Monte Vista building which delayed Seminary, the powers that think they are in charge, are hiring a new kindergarten teacher and so all my kinders will be in ANOTHER ROOM... THE ONE NEXT DOOR... ROOM 2... OUT OF ROOM 1.  I, however, know who the real POWER is and I am so thankful for his tender mercies.  You may think I am making light of sacred things, but I assure you, I am not.  Anyone who has been to Hell and survived, knows who to thank for their escape!

By the way, do you think that looks like a lot of 4, 5 and 6 year olds?  4 are absent...

Thursday, August 13, 2009


And now my baby is having babies...
She is a great daughter, sister, mother and auntie.
And she has found a wonderful man to be part of the family.  
Thank you Nick for taking her off my hands.

Friday, August 7, 2009


I need help from all you seminary grads.  

You all remember the good ol' days of Seminary.  Well, guess what?  It is still going on.  There are a number of LDS youth, ages 13-17 , and teachers (mostly old), who continue to get up at the crack of dawn and and attend a morning meeting that ranges from highly spiritual to exhaustingly boring  (depending on who you talk to).

Most of you are glad that it is still happening.  It is kinda like some awful kind of initiation.  "If I had to go, then so should everyone else."  "If I had to go through that kind of daily pain, torture and boredom, then SO SHOULD YOU!!!  Shut up and go."

But now that you have it out of your system, just think.  What could have made it better, (besides having 3 days off a week)?  Help this teacher avoid mistakes that are so obvious to you but may be not so obvious to me.  What would have made it better, what is the best and what is the worst thing a teacher can do.

Help me, please.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

10 more days...

Well.... this is my farewell address.  I have to start getting mentally ready to give up my life as I know it and go back to the life of a droid... seminary, school, study, sleep.  (Hey, did you notice that my droid activities all start with "s".)  

Anyway, so long sleeping til 10:30 AM.  So long, Dave (Letterman).  So long, blogging.  So long beautiful house.  So long Chico, Sacramento, Lake Tahoe, Oregon...  So long trashy novels.  So long Priests.  So long shopping with Angelee and Jo.  So long weedless yard.  Hello weeds.

Anyway, I have to start getting mentally prepared.  Summer is almost over.  I have a mere 10 days of hazy, lazy days.  I will not be depressed about having 30 kids in my classroom this year... because I am grateful to have a job.  I will not complain about Seminary... because this is my last year and I am teaching Book of Mormon.  

I have a blessed life... and who would even like summer if it lasted all year long!!!