Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I have always had such chagrin over my children's multiple birthday parties when, in fact, there is only ONE real birth day. I admit it is my fault, of course. I always say "We don't let the day go by"... in case we ended up having the party on the weekend because of family work schedules. And it began with maybe going to Taco Bell on the actual day and having the big party on the weekend. It has evolved into going out to dinner twice in the week with everyone going. We used to have the real party at one of our houses with home cooked meal. But not any more. No one wants to cook the meal, much less eat it. We ALL seem to want to go out.

And now, much to my embarrassment, I have done nothing but celebrate my birthday this entire week. We are going camping on Thursday, which is my actual birthday. And so Sam and Angelee took me out to lunch yesterday, today I am going to dinner and a movie with Laura, Chris and Susan. And who knows what tomorrow, the real birthday, will bring. Chris managed to buy my lunch, not to mention the huge pot and azalea for my front corner on Monday. I seem to be having a birthday, this year, that keeps going on and on and on... I am happy that so many people seem to love me. I will be glad when all this "celebrating" is over. But I am glad that we have "occasion" to celebrate... in other words, I am still here to celebrate.

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Angelee said...

whose birthday is next in the family? I bet she can't wait for the whole week of fun too.