Sunday, June 28, 2009

Then and now...

This is my yard in all of its beauty.  Shannon designed it and Mike and Sam put it in.  And it is growing... not dying.  I have a before shot... when I received my arrest warrant from the city... well it wasn't exactly an arrest warrant, but it was a warning to attend to the problems in my yard: the high weeds and the dust.  Who doesn't have dust and weeds when you are in the middle of an improvement project.  I was so mad... but at least I am not still thinking about it!!  Anyway... I cannot find the before picture but at least I have now.  My mom would be so proud!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Final images from my visit to Oregon

I drove about 7  hours back to California on Thursday.  And now on Friday I have a few more images that I want to remember from my trip.
This is a very private spot on Jan's property... so private that I could not make there because of the horrible steps down to the river.  Oh, did I not mention that they have a river running through their property.  Anyway, the river is way high in the winter and way low in summer.  Since this is the beginning of summer there are still waterfalls and a low, but still babbling river.  So, this is a picture of Jan's "fairy grotto" (or whatever the heck her daughter Amanda named it).  Jan had to take the picture because she does not care if she falls and breaks her leg
This is a picture of my best purchase in Oregon.  It is in place in Oroville... ready for any cat to come looking for his favorite bathroom spot.  It is called a Scarecrow and does not discern between cats, people, cars going by or nothing in particular.  I am sure many of you coming to my house will meet the scarecrow first hand.
Jan sent me home with a baby cactus.  This is a beautiful blossom from the mother plant.  Just look at this blossom and imagine this at my house someday... because you know it will never actually appear.  Jan can grow anything... its so annoying.
These are Jan and Larry's children who are still at home... Ellie, Gus and Max.    
This is Bill and Rosie, good friends and close neighbors of Jan and Larry.  I really like visiting them.  They are a way cool couple.  I especially like Bill.  I always said that if Bill were not married to Rosie and about 20 (or so) years younger, he would be the man for me.  He is so much fun.  And I admire Rosie for being so patient!! They travel, crab, feed hummingbirds, have a cat that catches hummingbirds for sport, have a garden that the deer eat, can tuna or salmon  (or some kind of fish),  have a yard that is beautiful, can grow anything... they are simply amazing.   Rosie is a nurse and a good cook while Bill is a character.  Jan has lots of friends in Oregon but these guys are the best!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

10 year low tide at Bandon

So... today just happens to be my temple anniversary...33 years... but I degress from the interesting part of my vacation.
Anyway... our adventure for today was to go to the South Jetty at Bandon to see the ten year low tide.  Jan had never seen the tide so far out.   Anyway, we were there to see a ship that had sunk there in 1950 somthin' so we were there for "ship wreck" high adventure.  But alas, even though we made the effort to actually be there on time which happened to be 7:45 AM... there was no ship wreck to be seen.  So we had to comfort ourselves by shopping in Bandon.  Don't believe for one minute that the economy in Oregon is bad... I alone have made my contribution and I am sure we will be reading about Oregon doing much better soon.
Here is Jan looking for the elusive "ship wreck".
Look at the low tide.  This is usually all under ocean.
Do you see the Coquille River lighthouse in the distance?
And yes, I am coming home on Thursday.  I have no more money.  My friends are sick of me.  I have gained enough weight for one vacation.  My car is full of gifts, plants, yard art, chocolate, Oregon tuna, a new Bandon jacket for moi, wall art, earrings, bracelets, fudge, a vase for Cyndi for her b'day, shirts and THREE HATS...  
Great fun for all.  California, HERE I COME!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Who among you have not been to Crater Lake?  Me and Larry.  It is the prettiest lake I have ever seen.  It is indeed a crater that has filled with rain and snow water.  The evaporation is the same as the input each year and so it stays the same level.  It used to be a volcano thousands of years ago.  The volcano collapsed on itself and left a perfectly round, 6 mile across hole in the ground, that has filled with water that is now a bright blue lake.  (I even know why it is such a brilliant blue, but you will have to ask me before I bore you with the details.)
I don't know if any of you have ever seen "rock star" toes in flip flops in the snow.  Oh yes, the elevation is 7000 ft. so there is still snow in June.
The lake is really  this blue and Jan and I are really this beautiful.
This photo shows the snow, the little volcano sticking up out of the water, and the caldera.  You can actually see what the inside of a volcano looks like.  Amazing!
You can see the caldera really well from here.

And this is the famous Jan and Larry.  And yes, Larry is a real life cowboy.  Any of you who happen to be in the area are more than welcome to come to their house to stay for a few days.  They are excellent hosts.  I do not hesitate to recommend them.  But you should probably call first... :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Ocean

Here I am on a beach on the Oregon Coast.  This is yours truly at Bastendorf Beach.  As you can see it is absolutely beautiful.  The day is windy and the ocean is rough.  We had a glorious day shopping and exploring the coastal cities of Coos Bay, North Bend and Charleston.  Jan and I skipped out by ourselves and did only what we wanted to do with no regulations, rules or timetables.

Jan and I are at the Coast Guard Station at Chicken Point.

Harbor side at Charleston boat docks.
A view of Charleston Bay.

Tomorrow look for more exciting adventures from Crater Lake.
Oh... the most exciting news of all.  You will all have to come to my house and view my new yard art.  And yes, I did buy it.  And yes, I love it.  And no, I did not get it at the dump.  And no, you will never find one like it unless you too go to Charley Town in Charleston.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Heaven... a mere 7 hours away!

They live in a small town called Coquille which is about 45 minutes from Coos Bay and the ocean.  The drive from the ocean to their house looks like this... all year long.  If we are green from Feb. to April we consider ourselves lucky.  The rest of the time we are "golden".
This is the garden.  I can't believe I have a friend who LOVES to work in her garden.  And no, that love of gardening is not contagious, because I have not caught any of it.
The red front door.  Why does everyone love a red front door?
Look at these flowers.  They are everywhere around her house.  
Tomorrow we are going to have chowder at the High Tide restaurant that looks over the Cocquille light house.  Sound like fun?

Saturday, June 20, 2009


First Day. It was a very interesting day.  It began with watching an international chain saw carving event in Reedsport.
I watched a carver from Japan.  This is his finished product (bench) of the "quick carve".  He did this in one hour and fifteen minutes.  Since I am such a novice at this blog stuff, I accidentally put this in the wrong order.  I wanted it from start to finish, but alas, here it is, from finish to start.  Oh well.

The wing is done and he is now doing the eagle head.
This is the slab from which he carved the wing you see above.
There were many carvers... at least thirty and all the carvings were different and unique.  The carvings were auctioned off at the end of the day... we weren't there for that BUT they didn't go cheap.  Even the littlest carvings were at least $25.  So... too rich for my blood
Here's how it all began.

Ken Means... Master Carver

Chicken in the early stages
Check out the detail.  These animals are absolutely beautiful.
And here he is... standing between two of his favorites.
This is part of what will ultimately be a dragon bench seat... although he had a fancy name for it. 
Ken's studio is in Myrtle Point, Oregon.  Today I witnessed something very unique and definitely out out of the ordinary.  I met a "real artist".

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Birfday to Me!!

Isn't my cake beautiful?  All you millions of cyber geeks out there reading this most interesting blog should have seen last years.  A cake that only a mother could love!!  This one looks like it came from Raleys.  And it tasted good.  In case you people out there don't know our little secret, the best recipe in the world is on the back of the cocoa can.  And the biggest surprise of all, ANGELEE MADE IT... ALL BY HER LONE.
The party began at Shakeys, but ended at my house.  Part of the festivities was looking and screaming at the stick bugs. They are so scary you know. 
Next was the tree fun. Once Sam heaved himself into the tree he then challenged Eric to do the same. Soon these two grown boys were having pull-up contests in the tree. It's a miracle no one got hurt. And yes, the tree is still standing. With so much fun happening, the two little boys wanted in on the fun. So here they all are, up in the tree. The smart ones (the girls) were content on simply watching the tree fun from the deck.
Next came the sun glass fun. Eli found Joshua's Valentine sunglasses and wore them around saying, "I'm looking good". He continued to wear them through the sprinkler fun. (sorry no pictures of that)
Samers: Sam and Bolo in their new summer hats.

Goodbye Kate

How presumptuous to visit someone on your birthday because they're then obligated to get you a present. Works well for the visitor, but not so well for the visitee. And I did get a very nice present. Thanks Kate. It was so fun seeing you.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Price Is Right

I am still in Lake Tahoe.  Cyndi works in the morning so Kate and Ben hang out during the day and when Cyndi gets home, then Ben goes to work.  So Kate has her programs and Ben has his program but they both love The Price is Right.  Here they are watching their favorite morning program.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


This is definately not her best picture, but since she can barely turn on her computer I am not worried that she will see this and shudder.  She has been a good kindergarten teacher.  She is loving, kind, sweet, gentle, ditzy, soft spoken and really loves the children.  She is pretty much the opposite of me.  When the kids come from her class in kinder to mine in first grade, they are pretty much in shock for the first month.  This is pivotal for me.  Its like when all the women before you have their babies and then you know you're next.  Well, this means that I am next to retire from Bird Street School. BUT NOBODY ASK ME WHEN BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW!!!

Bag Lady

Friday was our last day of school and since it was just a workday and not a school day we had lunch at Applebees.  It was Jill Prouty's last day, since she is retiring.  This is not Jill... this is Linda Chollet who is our secretary at Bird Street School.  In honor of Jill's retirement, Linda gave a dramatic rendition of what Jill's future life could be like as a "bag lady".  Last year she did the phone lady... "one ring-dingy", snorting and all.  Fun was had by all... especially those who had Margaritas.