Thursday, January 27, 2011

the Cruise

Have I mentioned that I am going on a cruise... with 44 of my closest friends. We are having a little pre cruise meeting tomorrow night to discuss clothing and stuff. This is my first cruise... all the others are seasoned in the cruising world. I just hope the airplane doesn't crash.

Anyway... here's the deal. I know basically what I have to take but I really don't want to be one of those who take too much... what does it really matter. Well, apparently it does matter at dinner time. Two nights are dressy or more and the rest are dressy-casual. I have no idea what that even means. So... I have these nice black slacks that I have had for several years... and they are sooooo nice. They are lined and have a little ribbon stitched on the waistband. And so I want to wear them. But do you think they fit me? Wellllllll, I think you know the answer. And so... that sort of made me think that maybe they could fit, IF I COULD GET ON A PLAN (I am not using the "d" word anymore). And so I am professing in black and white that I AM wearing those pants one of those nights.