Sunday, February 13, 2011


Well, 5 days to go... I will be back before I know it.

Its taken a lot of "think time" to figure out what to take. I never thought I would spend so much time thinking about clothing. I have not bought much... no clothing, except for the sundress that Jo made for me. And it is sooooo cute.

I have taken advice from many people. As a result I am now tanning (with very minimal results), am the proud owner of snorkel gear, have my cash in small bills, have my swimsuit and a change of clothing in my carry-on, have a little pillow for the long night on the plane, etc. I feel pretty much ready... and so now I have to get my classroom ready for my departure. My report cards are almost done and I am dutifully working to eliminate the many items on my lengthy list. I don't think most people have to work as hard as me just to be gone for 7 days. Poor me... cursed cruise!

Anyone interested in the much discussed black pants? Well, they button but they are still snug. But I am wearing them...

Sam told me that i have become a true "Orovillan" because of my tooth dilemma (or should I say lack of teeth). But oh the miracle of living in this day and age and having Keith for a dentist. Miracles still happen... my oh so beautiful smile is evidence of that. I am lucky and need to suck up my aversion and fear of the dentist office and face it like a big girl (yes, I know, but I am trying to be a smaller version of a "big girl".)

Anyway,,, my next post will be the annoying pictures of someone who has just returned from vacation in the caribbean.

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Walt and Becky said...

i can't wait....i love the caribbean. you will love it.