Thursday, February 17, 2011


Well, tomorrow is the day! And I about froze today... by the time I left my classroom this evening it was a frigid 64 degrees... in the classroom! I can hardly wait to warm up. But there in lies the problem... getting on the plane in cold weather and getting off in hot weather. So what to wear ??? so that one does not freeze to death on one coast or end up sweating bullets on the other. Well, I have decided to freeze on this side.

I have listened and tried to learn from everyone. For instance...
from Susan I learned to take a hat and bring a little neck pillow and socks on the plane
from Natalie (Jo's friend) I learned to take a little quilt
from Dee I learned to have 'rock star' toes and get a pre-tanned
from Laura I learned to take little money... not big bills and to wear skirts
while Pat Bisson wears the neck thing, Judy Rotar advised a money belt and escargo
and simply 'everyone' snorkels' and so me too!
Dee wears sundresses so I now have a sundress
Becky wears shirts and shorts over her swim suit so I too have shorts and a shirt
And when I saw Walt at the meeting in his Hawaiian shirt, I knew I needed tropical clothing
Susan went on pre-cruise diet and so that meant I had too as well.
Laura said to take a change of clothes and a swimsuit in my carry-on and so I am
I am trying to follow all instructions

I have never worked so hard for 7 days of "fun". It had better be worth what I have gone through...

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