Sunday, February 28, 2010


I was invited to a "ladies lunch" which turned out to be a 70th birthday party for a lady who worked in my classroom last year as a volunteer. I met her through Laura and since she was also invited we went together. We both had a very good time. The lunch was catered by "Lots--java and so the food was excellent. Wine was offered to Laura and she declined (probably because I was there). They told her it would be okay for her to have wine "since no men were there". Laura still declined the gracious, thoughtful offer.

This is my new friend but I don't remember her name. The music was provided by a "live" (barely) band called "Just Us".

Laura and I took flowers and of course they were lovely. This is Fran... the birthday girl. She is really a lot of fun... the rest of the attendees were not as lively as Fran. Maybe they got a late start on the wine.

Anyway... Laura and I are available to attend any birthday lunch (catered) if needed. Just call us and we will check our schedules.

Angelee.. I blame you for this stupid blog. Why are the pictures like this?


Angelee said...

how did I get blamed? I do nothing but try to help you.

Justin and LeAnne said...

I stumbled across your blog through the Barth's friends and the woman in the picture's name is Bev. She is our neighbor. Small world.

LeAnne Hancock :-)